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We specialize in drywall installation and repair. With our locations in Barnardsville and Hendersonville, we conveniently serve Asheville, NC and surrounding communities. We are locally owned and operated.

Our services are of high quality and backed with decades of experience. We have been serving the Asheville region since 1971. We do the job right the first time!

When performing cosmetic repairs, we like to get to the core of the problem. We remove any materials that won't allow good bonding when taping with new drywall mud. All loose areas are secured by fastening with drywall screws first.

We oftern encounter outside corners with vertical cracking. This is a result of poor corner bead installation. I chisel off all old materials and resecure beads with nails every 12-14 inches. Then we remud the beads.

Owner Mike Goldsmith's Home in Banardsville, NC